Talk Anout The Replica Rolex Datejust Dials

Today we're talking about the creativity that Rolex has been producing over the last 50 years, especially with some of the dials in the replica Rolex Datejust collection. When you think of the Rolex line and you think of something like the Submariner, there's really not a lot of dial options. You can certainly get a Hulk, you can get a Kermit, but for the most part they're black. On the GMT-Master there are different bezels, but on many replica watches there is mostly just one dial. The thing about the Explorer 1 is that you only have one dial option. But where you get such a wealth of creativity, Rolex really lets the sluice dial design open in the Datejust line.

116233 Rolex Datejust Mens Black Jubilee Diamond Dial


The Datejust is a classic watch. It was introduced in 1945. It is the longest-running reference in the Rolex collection. But over the years, the appearance of the case, bracelet and bracelet has changed. This watch is still the number one selling Rolex watch. It may not get all the hype and press that the Daytona or Deep Sea or GMT-Master II do, but they get the biggest sales. When people think of Rolex, this is the iconic Rolex watch. Everyone should have a Datejust in your favorites because it is not designed for a specific environment or lifestyle. The way the GMT Master is designed for travelers, or the way the Submariner is designed for divers, or the way the Daytona is designed for racing. It's a watch designed for everyday life, so you can wear it on anything and take it with you everywhere. It's the ultimate classic watch, with great aesthetics that have stood the test of time. Yet, we have all these different dials to make it fresh and exciting. You can really personalize the Datejust by choosing unusual dials. This morning we will highlight some of the unusual dials here.

Roman Dials

We'll start here, this is a white Roman dial and people like the crispness of its look. When used like this, they really are shiny replica watches and the Roman numerals, they're 18 carat white gold hands. It's really bright. Fresh looking. Next to it is the so-called Buckley dial. It's named after a specific watch collector, John Buckley. I don't know how big you have to be in the watch collecting world to have a Rolex nicknamed for you. But he was certainly a champion of these dials when they weren't so popular at the time. In various forums, people started calling them Buckley dials, but the name stuck When you look closely, the difference between the two is that they are painted with white Roman lettering instead of the white lettering applied to the numbers on the Buckley dials. They are a fine font and look great.

Buckley Dials

When you look at the Buckley dials, they do look different. They are available in a variety of colors and I just happened to choose a champagne, so I kept the classic look. The next one we have is the mother of pearl. I will tell you that Rolex Mother of Pearl is very expensive, but you can get it for much cheaper on These watches don't have as many non-mother of pearl dials. This one has diamonds. There are many different mother of pearl designs, but that's the classic one. The next one we have is called the Jubilee Dial.

Jubilee Dials

The Datejust was actually celebrating Rolex's 40th anniversary when it was first introduced. They initially considered naming the watch "Datejust" instead of "Datejust". But they ended up calling the bracelet Jubilee, which has a five-part link, and kept the replica Rolex Datejust watch name. It was called that because it was the first watch with a date complication. We may not think of it as a complication now, but it is. It's the first automatic watch that lets you automatically change the date at midnight. When the next anniversary came around, Rolex wanted to celebrate and they started this subtle dial, but the dial does show Rolex. You don't really notice it when you wear the watch; it looks more like a texture. You will see that there are differences other than the straight dial. But, for those who know it does say Rolex. The second row is the second row of vintage watches. You can collect many different dials in the vintage world. Most vintage watches will come with a silver baton marker dial, but this one is bronze. One of the reasons I bring this up is because I wanted to point out that it slopes downward at the edges.

Tapestry Dials

It has these vertical pinstripes and comes in several different colors. The one I see most often is the Champagne Tapestry. This one is silver on a steel and white gold watch. Again, it gives you a beautiful look instead of the straight silver dial that's most common in older replica watches, which gives it a more sophisticated look on the tapestry and gives it a little more interest. You're looking at. The next one is a more modern watch. It has a Semperstaff dial. If you look at the texture on the dial, it's actually the shape of the surface of the dial itself, where these lines radiate out from the center. It definitely makes the watch look a little bit dressed up. When you move the light on the sunrise ridge, it gives you more sparkle. The next one is the linen dial, which is engraved with a finish that has vertical and horizontal lines that really replicate the look of linen fabric. Again, it gives you a look that is a little different from all the others. This is a very rare dial and we won't see it all the time, but will try to keep them in stock. They come in a few different colors, but the linen is really interesting.

Vignette Dials

The next one is the Vignette dial. This means that it's on the edge and in the middle is the color. I've seen these in red and blue and different colors. This one happens to be blue. It really makes the diamonds stand out and pop out having a black background, but you can still get some color in the middle. Next, we're going to go over a series of replica watches for women. I'm standing at the top, and again, this is where they really unleash their creativity. You'll see the first one, which is a lavender colored dial with diamond-paved baton markers. That dial is very expensive as an accessory and was very expensive when the new watch came out, and frankly, it's cheap on

Colored Dials

The Jade colored dial is not the actual stone Jade's flat, just the color they call it. Combined with the vertical pinstripes and diamonds, it's really striking and very beautiful. The next one is a two tone steel and rose gold watch, they are mixed with rose gold and this is a chocolate brown dial, plus diamonds and regular round markers Most of the number nines are laid out and it is a really interesting dial. When you look at the lettering and text on the dial, how the color coordinates with the chocolate color of the dial and how the hands coordinate with the color of the dial. The rose gold is just fantastic. Next, I put it here because they're Ruby markers and they're all Rolex factory products. This is the mother-of-pearl dial with the Ruby markers on the hour, and we see a lot of the interesting, unusual stones that replica Rolex Datejust has used over the years. Definitely makes the watch even more unusual. This is the mother of pearl that adorns it. You'll notice that Rolex is the premier company that does this. I don't see other companies decorated with a lot of mother of pearl, but you can see it on the edge, behind the Roman numerals there's a hash pattern. Now, this is kind of like mother of pearl. Mother of pearl comes in different colors. When you look at it from a distance, it looks like a champagne-colored dial, but it has a lot of other features. The next one is a patented replica Rolex Datejust process called gold crystal. Gold does naturally take the form of flakes and blocks. What they've done here is there's an unknown mysterious process where they take away the nuggets, naturally, because the nuggets that are used are never the same.

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