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Today we're going to talk about the replica Rolex Turn-O-Graph, a watch that dates back to 1937, yes, I didn't realize it was that old. Yes, so the earliest original rotating bezel was in 1937 and it was called the Zerographe, which was an experimental watch with only 12 pieces produced. Interestingly, it was hand-wound winding, a chronograph and very valuable. Not only is it valuable, but there are rumors that only 7 of the original 12 actually exist in the world. No one knows what happens to the others. So, scan one in a yard sale. Yes, of course. You'll easily miss it because it looks nothing like you thought it would.

116264 Rolex Turn-O-Graph Mens Automatic


It's a very thick case that ends up looking like a Submariner because it's a chronograph. It has a push button in the upper right corner. So if you look at the watch itself, Breitling they've moved the chronograph pushers from the center of the crown to the top of the case. Now, this perennial Breitling captain surprised me because Breitling came up with the idea of moving the pusher away from the center of the crown at the top of the case , but for some reason, this Zerographe still has it in this Turn-O-Graph bezel that we now know. It's a very strange watch, but it has a bezel that looks so thick it almost looks like a toy, in fact, the bezel is so thick it looks much thicker than the GMT bezels we see on replica watches today. There is a weird timer button on the top and it doesn't look like a Rolex at all. So, you could easily miss this watch. Later on, in 1953, Rolex decided to actually introduce a rotating bezel for sports watches. Apparently, it preceded the Submariner and then the GMT until 1955, when it was also considered by Rolex to be the first watch for pilots, so why was this watch so popular in the first place?

Pilot's Watch

This is the official watch of the official demonstration team of the United States Air Force, an aerobatic display team called Thunderbirds, of which there are a few replica watches produced for pilots. The bezel is used for navigation purposes and also for timekeeping. They were for certain events that required marking time when meeting at specific waypoints. At the time they had nothing to see or quickly identify on the wrist. There are many other reasons that make the bezel useful than just doing that. That's why they called Rolex the first watch. Interesting. Did that ever come out on the diet that said Thunderbird? It did. Only for the Thunderbird. Good. Rolex was later criticized for not showing up. It was only for the U.S. market, never appeared to monitor the civilian market. Now, another thing that Rolex (Rolex) did that drew a lot of criticism was actually, over the years, they actually removed the name Turn-O-Graph from the dial as well. In fact, in 1977, they discontinued the replica Rolex Turn-O-Graph name on the dial altogether, setting the date only as a date with a rotatable bezel for all intensive use. For many years, they still called it Turn-O-Graph, along with all its creations and all its advertising. But some of them , they didn't call it Thunderbird. That's really one of those nicknames. It's a nickname. That's right. So that's why there's so many different variations.


This is a mid-century kind of thing, with a flattened bezel, as opposed to the later models that had a fluted bezel. There's been some other controversy over the years with this watch. There are rumors that this particular style has not only gone through about 150 different variations, but has been discontinued several times. 1 We wanted to make sure that we could also take a deeper look at the Air Force demo team's Thunderbird watch . So the Air Force demo team used the Jubilee bracelet, which believe it or not, is a solid gold piece with luminous markers Dauphine hands and has an 18-carat flat gold bezel. That's what made the original Thunderbird watch, because I hear about it all the time. Which one is the actual one? Is it steel and gold? Is it all steel? No, it's a completely solid gold case with a solid gold bracelet inside. It looks pretty wild, and if you see one there, it's a white dial, and it has the Thunderbird logo on the bottom. In fact, because of the anti-corrosion treatment of the Thunderbird , it looks and is shaped like a used window at the bottom. Yes, so this is just a short synopsis of the Thunderbird replica Rolex Turn-O-Graph. Again, this model was supposedly discontinued in 2011 and for this reason we do not have any models in stock beyond 2011, the white dial is the original style dial and solid gold. Do you believe that the bracelet wood is no longer produced and you will never find it. It was only produced for the Thunderbirds, so they took the gold and went to the Jubilee bracelet, they also had the rose and they also introduced it in the mid 2000s. So you can really get some fine replica Rolex Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird style watches, and they can be found here at

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